Women Head New Twenty Dollar Bill

For as long as this country has existed, women have contributed to its growth and prosperity. Although not always recognized for their dedication and courage, past and present women have


Guerci Re-elected as SMOB

Junior Eric Guerci from Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC) HS will continue in his position as the Student Member of the Board (SMOB) for the 2016-17 school year. Guerci earned 54 percent of votes from approximately 80,000 MCPS students who voted April 27. The MCPS Board of Education consists of nine members, one of whom is […]

Snacks Sold in School Violate MCPS Nutrition Requirements

In efforts to promote and maintain a healthy school environment, MCPS has specific regulations for all snack and beverage items through vending machines, school stores, the athletic department and fundraisers. These nutritional requirements run from midnight until 30 minutes after school ends.   Many of the vending machines run on timers that allow students to […]

Tuition Increases for Md. Universities

All Maryland public universities will be increasing tuition rates by a total of at least five percent this fall: two percent for in-state students and three percent for out-of-state. The Board of Regents for the University System of Maryland (USM), including 12 universities, approved the proposal April 15. Tuition increase will vary by school and […]

Staying Busy Over the Summer

Summer is a time of stress-free fun for most if not all students, but when parents are working and money is tight, traveling to exotic places may not be on the agenda. Fortunately, jobs and camps are always there to keep busy. While many people are probably thinking that jobs require hard work or summer […]

Benefits of Tutoring

Students who are completely clueless in their classes have an option; fail the class or get help. Tutoring could be that help, and it is available in a variety of places. Tutors are highly accessible through schools and local companies. Terrapin tutoring, a local tutoring company located in Montgomery County, offers workshops and tutoring for […]

ReVIEWS from the 6

Artist Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as simply Drake, has glo’d up since his days as Jimmy Brooks in the popular Canadian TV show “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. It makes one wonder if he had Views of his future all the way back in 2001. Drake recently released his tenth album, “Views,” as in from […]

Chance’s Colorful New Album

Take a chance and pick up Chancelor Bennett’s new album “Coloring Book.” Bennett, who is better known as Chance the Rapper or Chance, released his third album May 12. The first track on the album “All We Got,” starts the album off on the right foot with an upbeat tune and nice lyrics. The song […]

CON: Participation Trophies Stifle Individuals Drive to Gain Accomplishments and to Succeed Past Adversity

Almost anyone who has participated in youth sports has a small collection of participation trophies collecting dust on a shelf or sitting in a box somewhere in their house. While they may seem meaningless, participation trophies are a symbol for the toxic “everybody’s a winner” mindset that has become commonplace in today’s society. Participation trophies […]

Women Head New Twenty Dollar Bill

For as long as this country has existed, women have contributed to its growth and prosperity. Although not always recognized for their dedication and courage, past and present women have worked for the advancement of American society. In this long run with representation on American currency , influential American women will get to share the […]

Player Spotlight: Teddy Andrew

High school is prime time to try new things in search of a potential future calling. Sophomore Teddy Andrew has found his home within the white lines of the RHS gym floor. Andrew has been the starting outside hitter for the boys varsity volleyball team since freshman year.   Andrew has natural intelligence on the […]

Player Spotlight: Drew Balfour

In our relatively smaller community, freshman varsity athletes are still seen as a novelty. After losing nine talented seniors, the girls varsity lacrosse team was expected to have many underclassmen. However, only one freshman, Drew Balfour, was chosen. Do not let the label “freshman” fool you; Balfour has more experience than most of the varsity […]

Training Over the Summer

Athletes at RHS take pride in the sports they play and train hard throughout the season. However, as summer approaches, the question arises as to how the athletes will train and remain in top shape over the relaxing three-month break. Many students take it easy over the summer, slacking and sleeping the days away. But […]